What the 1% did to Lancaster, Ohio

Lancaster, Ohio was once held up as a shining example of what a small American city should be. Even in the 60s and 70s it kept going when other cities saw their industries shutter. But then the Reagan years began and private-equity financiers got involved. Soon Anchor Hocking, the local glass company that had mostly escaped the forces that created the Rust Belt, was awash in debt as those financiers used it to give themselves enormous paybacks. Today Anchor Hocking is a ghost of its former self, Lancaster is full of poverty and drug use and those who profited from all of it are very far away.

Despite all this, almost two-thirds of Lancaster voted for you-know-who in the election.

Letter from an American soldier at Dachau

Pfc. Harold Porter was a medic with the 116th Evacuation Hospital who were among the first Americans to enter Dachau, one of the oldest Nazi concentration camps. Although reports of such camps had surfaced over the years, it was the first time American soldiers had actually seen a camp for themselves. He eventually wrote a letter home to his parents which both attempted to describe what he saw and assure them that he was not making it up.

Warning, the content is graphic and you may choose to not read the letter. But you should.