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Why bullshit is no laughing matter

Along with all the talk about fake news and the effect it may or may have not had on the election there usually comes a chuckle as if it didn’t really matter. But it does. We’re bombarded with untruths on a regular basis yet we consider ourselves experts at recognizing them. However, the fact that advertising works so well says we’re not even close to that. What to do?

Bullshit is much harder to detect when we want to agree with it. The first and most important step is to recognise the limits of our own cognition. We must be humble about our ability to justify our own beliefs. These are the keys to adopting a critical mindset – which is our only hope in a world so full of bullshit.

Unfolding the IKEA Effect: Why We Love the Things We Build

It’s hardly surprising that people love the things they build themselves. This is what kept Heathkit going beyond the point it made economic sense to buy a kit that cost more than buying something assembled in a store (although the economic realities caught up to them eventually).

I should know. I have built a bunch of Heathkits, a couple of pieces of audio equipment, a couple of guitar effects boxes and my own tube guitar amp. I’m in the process of building a Stratocaster-style guitar. I prize them all, thank you.