Alesi surprised constituents think he’s a scumbag

New York is infamous for its horribly corrupt state government. Everyone complains, yet New Yorkers keep re-electing the sleazy incumbents year after year. Take for instance state senator Jim Alesi. He illegally entered a home under construction, climbed a ladder and then fell off, breaking his leg. The builder and home owners declined to press criminal charges out of sympathy for his injury. They shouldn’t have. Alesi, free of possible criminal charges due to the statute of limitations, turned around and sued them on the last possible day for not securing the construction site.

To say this caused a storm of controversy is putting it mildly. After a week of bad publicity, angry Facebook posts and being left out to hang by his own party (the GOP, what a shock) he has withdrawn his suit, claiming he “filed the suit without regard to the anxiety that it would cause the homeowners, the builders or the community…” Of course.

I’m predicting he’ll be re-elected again.