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The ISS Is Sending TV Signals back to Earth

If you have the right setup, you can receive analog TV signals from the International Space Station. AMSAT UK has the details for the curious. This is Slow Scan Television (SSTV), so it’s more like a slide show than the video you’re used to.

Please note the Motherboard link is chock-full of inaccuracies. First of all, you don’t need any license, Amateur or otherwise, to receive RF signals (in the US or Canada, check your local regulations elsewhere). Second, while it may indeed take a week or more to receive your ham license, that’s FCC processing time after you’ve successfully passed a licensing examination. Assuming you’ll have to spend at least a little bit of time studying for the exam a week is wishful thinking.

If you’re interested in getting your license, the ARRL’s page on licensing is a good place to start.

SpaceX Launches Capsule on Historic Space Station Trip

After their first attempt last week was halted with 0.5 seconds to go, SpaceX successfully launched their Dragon spacecraft filled with supplies for the ISS this morning.

Now that the Shuttle has been retired, NASA has been reliant on Russia’s Soyuz to get astronauts into space and has been working on getting US-based alternatives from the commercial sector up and running.  So while SpaceX is the first company to launch a spacecraft there are others who are expected to join them as carriers for NASA.