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Union Street Construction

When the City of Rochester built the Inner Loop, it destroyed a number of neighborhoods and made dead end streets out of busy thoroughfares. Worse, it never actually accomplished its goal (assuming it wasn’t just displacing poor people) and was devoid of significant amounts of traffic for the most part.

Now the city has decided to fill in much of it and create space for commercial development. But it’s been slow going. Glacial is perhaps a better term. It’s been a year and this is what’s been done so far.

Mountain by Tom Maszerowski on 500px.com

Roots by Tom Maszerowski on 500px.com

Planetree by Tom Maszerowski on 500px.com

Concrete by Tom Maszerowski on 500px.com

ROC: Sorry about destroying your neighborhood to build that unused highway

Rochester has an appalling history of tearing down entire neighborhoods to build things that get abandoned. The Midtown debacle is just the latest episode in a very tarnished history. Or should I say the next to latest as City Council panel OKs filling in a part of Inner Loop that doesn’t get used much.

As mentioned in this RocWiki article, the building of the Inner Loop prompted the move of the Rochester Institute of Technology from the city to the (then) wilds of Henrietta. It’s taken until the early 2000s for the area around RIT to even vaguely resemble what the city was like in 1968.