The Media Bubble is Real — And Worse Than You Think

Politico takes a look at the Media Bubble that gave us the false impression that Trump couldn’t possibly win. The trends that created that bubble are still in place and the movement of jobs away from local news organizations to the Internet has done nothing to shrink it.

My local newspaper has shed jobs, pages and local content all the while pretending this isn’t happening. Whenever I actually pick up a copy to read I’m always struck by how much of the content is sourced from USA Today and other national news organizations. All of which are based securely in the Media Bubble.

Election 2011: More corruption, less Frankel

The Rochester area has a lot of unique things about it, not the least of which are rampant political corruption and a public willingness to overlook said corruption. Hence the re-election of Der Fuhrer, Maggie Brooks. And now she’s got even less to worry about thanks to two more GOP seats in the county legislature. Plan on even more of your tax money going “astray”.

But on the bright side, Sandy Frankel is gone, gone, gone. Now Brighton can focus on figuring out the best way to provide emergency services to town residents, instead of fixating on her frustration at being legally unable to control the agencies involved. Maybe her buddy Bob Duffy will give her a job in Albany (which I’ve suspected has been her plan all along).

Maggie Brooks or Sandy Frankel? How about none of the above?

Thaanks to our moribund political system that stifles most alternative parties, we in Monroe County are stuck with a “choice” between Republican Maggie Brooks or Democrat Sandy Frankel for county executive. The former is a power mad near-dictator who is either totally blind to the corruption around her or so involved in it she no longer sees it as corruption. The latter is, unsurprisingly, also a power mad near-dictator, and while arguably less corrupt, makes up for it by illegally attempting to control the fire districts in the Town of Brighton.

This is precisely why I am an independent and why I won’t be voting for either of these candidates even if that means I won’t be voting for county executive.