Ass-chewing and schadenfreude: Inside Hillary’s failed campaign

The Democrats have a litany of reasons why Clinton lost: Russia, poor whites, Bernie Sanders, etc. In truth, Clinton’s 2016 campaign failed for most of the same reasons her 2008 campaign did: a disorganized staff struggled to define a clear and persuasive message for their unexciting establishment candidate.

Instead of looking at the factors that caused Clinton to lose the nomination to Obama and addressing them, her campaign simply repeated everything. To no one’s surprise (but their’s, apparently) the results were the same.

Why Obama’s IT platform worked when Romney’s didn’t

One of the reasons the Obama campaign’s IT platform, called Narwhal, worked on election day is his team stress-tested it weeks in advance. As I mentioned before, the Romney campaign waited until Election Day to deploy their software and ran into problems they hadn’t anticipated. The Obama team experienced that in 2008 and took steps to make sure it didn’t happen again. They were ready.

It’s one thing to believe your software will work, it’s another thing entirely to know it.