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How ‘Pet Sounds’ Invented the Modern Pop Album

Pet Sounds was released 50 years ago yesterday. Created by Brian Wilson in the studio while the rest of the Beach Boys were on tour, it totally changed how pop albums were made. No longer one or two hits plus filler songs, Pet Sounds was a complete story from start to finish. Every so-called “concept” album since follows the model Pet Sounds created in 1966.

If you buy it today, it comes with both a stereo and mono mix. While both are outstanding, the mono mix is what Brian Wilson intended for the album to be.

The creative struggle of Brian Wilson

I found the CNN article on creativity and Brian Wilson to be better than I expected. At first it seemed they would overlook the drug abuse aspect of his breakdown, but they did manage to include it. They were remarkably brief about Dr. Eugene Landy, the “domineering therapist”, however. It’s impossible to talk about what happened to Brian without mentioning both of those factors and his eventual triumph over them.

I listen to SMiLE often. Even if you’re not a Beach Boys fan you should give it a try, at least once. It’s not what you expect. It’s more.

The Beach Boys have released the SMiLE Sessions

Oh wow, it really happened. The Beach Boys have finally released the famous lost album SMiLE after 44 years. As someone who’s listened to numerous bootleg versions over the years this is just incredible. I am streaming it right now and it is indeed everything I hoped it would be.

Along with the release, they’re posting videos on YouTube to talk about how they assembled this version. Webisode #1 Starting A SMiLE is currently up.