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Safari 3 Public Beta

There’s something special about the Safari 3 Public Beta – there’s a Windows version. Why? Safari is the browser for the iPhone, that’s why. It’s the best way to get Safari into the hands of web developers, who might just want to become iPhone developers. If the sales equal anything close to what the hype suggests, it could become the platform for mobile web development, goodbye WAP/WML!

Complexity Creep

Some things need to be complex, like, say, the control system of a nuclear power plant. Other things don’t. Like BMW’s electronic “dipstick”. It replaces the old-fashioned “stick with level marks on it” with a sensor and indicator on the dash. Now, you don’t need to get out of the car to see that you’re low on oil. Sounds good, right? Wrong. It lacks the ability to tell you how low on oil you actually are. As a result, BMW owners have been overfilling their engines and causing expensive damage. Supposedly, the only way at present to determine the true oil level is to take it to a BMW dealer, have the oil drained and then measure the amount that comes out. Like I said, some things just don’t need to be complex to work well.