Welcome to Maszman Speaks!, the weblog of Tom Maszerowski of Rochester, NY. Everything you see here represents my own opinions and beliefs and is not associated in any way with my employer.

I’ve blogged since 2000, first using Blogger but as of November, 2006 here on my server using WordPress. I was able to move all of my Blogger content here without my difficulty if you’re thinking of moving to WordPress.

I still blog pretty much the same way I did way back when, mostly links and commentary on a number of topics that catch my interest. I’m a long-time Apple Macintosh user (got my first one in 1985), a supporter of open source and free software. I will only occasionally talk about personal things, so this really isn’t an online journal for the most part.

Although I’m not a Rochester native, I’ve lived here since 1975 and consider it my home. Rochester tends to get mentioned a lot here, mostly as a target of ridicule but there are still some bright spots in the gloom. It’s a Rochester thing to be self-deprecating.

I’m particularly concerned about issues around freedom and privacy although I’m not really a libertarian and my political views aren’t in line with any of the major parties in the US. I have no favorites. Or, in other words, you might think I agree with you but I probably don’t. It’s nothing personal. Unless it is.

Photography, both digital and film, is a big hobby of mine and I post photos now and then. I have an accounts on 500px and Flickr and highlight selected shots here. I have a particular interest in historical buildings and urban exploration and most of my photos aren’t of people. I also used to do some live music work but gave that up when it was obvious others were doing it better. Ironically, that was the work that garnered the most attention.

Music and martial arts are also big hobbies for me, but I tend not to post much about them. That doesn’t mean you won’t see anything, just not as often as the ones above. I play guitar but have crippling stage fright and you’ll probably never see me play. I post recordings I make with my computer as backup band on Soundcloud. They mostly get ignored.

In the Rochester, NY area and looking for someone to help your business be more effective? Check out my resume and give me a shout.