President Trump: How America Got It So Wrong

Neither of the major parties really understood what was really going on. The Republicans will technically be in power for the next eight years or so but whether or not that will matter remains to be seen. The Democrats have lost the presidency, both houses of Congress and most governorships. Trump listened to no one but himself, did what he wanted and made both parties look like idiots for ignoring him.

Trump is not beholden to any party and owes no one anything. He will do and say what comes to his mind without concern for consequences and the GOP will grit its teeth and smile and hope Trump doesn’t notice them.

Meanwhile, the Democrats will do what they usually do and pretend to clean house while doing the absolute opposite. Of course, there’s already talk and online petitions (ha ha) over abolishing the Electoral College with total ignorance of the difficulty in getting a Constitutional Amendment through all 50 states (required since the College is part of the Constitution). Because it’s not the party that’s the problem, it’s the Constitution.

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