The aftermath of Go Set a Watchman and Harper Lee’s death

Yes, I’m somewhat obsessed with Mockingbird. I suspect it’s in no small part to having grown up in the 60s and witnessing the racial upheaval that haunted that decade.

Author Diane McWhorter was a friend of Harper Lee when they both lived in NYC. Although McWhorter had plenty of opportunities to talk with Lee, mysteries remain in the aftermath of Go Set a Watchman and her death.

The one that intrigues me the most is the real story about what happened when Lee submitted Watchman for publication. History (legend?) says it was in many ways not suitable yet when it was finally released, despite not having be altered in the meantime, it was a fully realized piece of work. What really transpired between author and editor has been lost to time and death but it seems clear there’s more to this than has ever been revealed.

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  1. I’ve heard that Lee was asked to go back and write a book from Scout’s point of view. In reading Watchman it’s clear that the most charming parts of the book were about Scout’s childhood. Watchman wasn’t written as tightly as Mockingbird – but was still enjoyable to read.

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