Don’t read this (you’ve been warned)

I don’t talk about it much here, if at all, but I play guitar. I’ve been studying (jazz and blues) with Steve Greene, local guitarist and teacher, since 1994. But I haven’t really been playing with others much. I have a serious stage fright (not just with music) so that limits me quite a bit. Plus I don’t really know if I’m good enough. Oh, and on top of that I’m not really in a position in my life where I can commit to being in a band. Not to mention I don’t know a lot of songs by heart but I can read music and lead sheets. But I like a lot of different genres centered around American Roots music, so there’s that.

So, if you’re not totally put off by all of that and just want to jam (at least for now), give me a shout. Or don’t. I totally understand that. My BandMix profile is linked below.

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