Vulnerability allows attackers to remotely kill a Jeep on the road

Two hackers have found a vulnerability that allows them to completely control a Jeep Cherokee while it’s traveling on the road. And when I say completely, I mean not just the radio, the AC and the wipers but also the steering, brakes and transmission.

It’s because the internal control network for the vehicle is connected to the same network as the entertainment system and they’re both connected to the cellular network. And Jeep isn’t alone in this, other “connected cars” may also be vulnerable .

Fiat Chrysler, which makes Jeep, issued a patch on July 16th that must be manually installed. Other manufacturers are also slowly awakening to the need to pay attention to security in their vehicles. As I always say, if you can get access anyone can get access. That applies to your computer, your home and (now) your car.

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