Finally Leaving Flickr

I’ve been posting photos to Flickr for over a decade now but I think that’s going to come to an end. It’s not for any particular reason. After years of neglect Yahoo has done a lot to evolve the platform towards more social photo sharing, which is nice if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking to really showcase photos, it’s not the best choice.

It started when I realized that the vast majority of my uploads were via Instagram, which meant that for the most part I was using Flickr as backup rather than the primary location for photos. Plus I hadn’t posted a photo to a group in ages nor had I bothered to view any groups in about as long. The things Flickr was working to improve were things I was no longer interested in.

My plan in the short term is to not renew my paid account and delete the majority of my photos not linked to by external parties. I have a set of photos of the collapse of the South Avenue parking garage and a set of the old Eastman Dental Dispensary that are linked by the city and the U of R respectively that will remain. Other than those, everything else is likely to go. It will break thousands of links here, which is unfortunate but hardly worth worrying about given my low readership.

What I haven’t decided is what I’m going to move to. I’ve been looking at 500px for a while without committing to it. There are others that I might consider as well as setting up my own site. I’ve identified a large set of my photos that I really like that are candidates so whatever I do there’s no shortage of material. Whether I will offer any of them for sale depends on whether or not I decide to overcome my longstanding objection to doing so. I guess we’ll see.

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