When Your Comic Hero Is an Alleged Rapist

Bill Cosby was the first comedian I knew of as a comedian, not just some old guy telling corny jokes that my parents found funny. Like Doug McIntyre, my friends and I listened to everything that he did; I still use his “voopa voopa” sound to describe cutting wood with a hand saw.

But at some point, even us diehard fans have to deal with the fact that he is an alleged serial rapist.

I remember hearing about his marital infidelities and not thinking much about them. But repeated stories, all very similar, by women going back as far as 1969 of being drugged and raped are demanding of more reflection.

Cosby has been a frequent social critic, particularly in recent years, but has not shed a spotlight on his own behavior. It’s time for that to change. It’s time for Bill Cosby to confess and make amends to those whose lives he has permanently damaged. Then he needs to go away. He’s had a life and a career, two things denied to the women he raped. The world owes him nothing more.

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