I’ve deleted my App.net account

I have to be honest, I was initially skeptical of App.net, seeing it as a Twitter clone that required you to pay for an account. But I eventually gave it a chance, including posting from here when new entries were published.

But App.net just hasn’t worked out for me and for a lot of others. When I looked at my stream all I saw were automated entries pointing to blog posts (just like my own), rather than the voices of folks on the service. One reason why may be uncertainty. App.net recently laid off most of its staff while claiming the service would continue. It’s a tough decision to try to build a community on top of something you’re not sure will be around tomorrow. If you treat it as a write-only medium, as so many seem to be doing, it’s one thing. But if you want to engage your readers and others, it’s a dicey situation. Twitter, for all its faults, remains a much better place for doing that. And that’s where you’re going to find me.

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