Using privacy as a competitive advantage

I was thinking the other day about Google and Apple. Google’s lifeblood is the information it can gather from its customers, from their web searches to movement of Android phones (to ascertain traffic congestion) and more. They’re not alone, of course, lots of companies are doing the same in order to either sell you something or enable someone else to sell you something. It’s the business model behind every “free” service. But not everyone is doing that.

Apple has a very large (and very valuable) user base that they’re not using the way Google and others are. It’s evolved over time, sure, but Apple prioritizes user privacy, treating it like a competitive advantage. They collect the minimum amount of data necessary, encrypt it when they do collect it, and delete it when it is no longer needed. Yes, an iPhone is more expensive than most Android phones, but ask yourself how much your privacy is worth to you.

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