Who the heck is guest-drawing this week’s Pearls Before Swine?

Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comics these days and given its frequent use of implied profanity and misanthropic characters a surprise for something that appears in newspapers. Stephan Pastis, the creator, has a very basic approach to his art so when strips began appearing this week featuring very different art questions began about who might be providing it. Is it the artist mentioned in the link? Find out tomorrow!

[Update 6/6/2014] As of today there’s still no reveal although Pastis says it will be “a mind-blowing surprise.” I assume this means either over the weekend or next week as Pearls also has a Sunday strip that’s usually not part of the regular weekly narrative.

[Update 6/7/2014] It’s official: Bill Watterson was the guest artist!

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