A funny story, really

My motorcycle, a 2001 BMW R1100S, has been sitting patiently in the garage waiting for me to get my stuff together and get it ready for riding. Things have been a bit hectic for me so I just managed to get it today.

After washing it, checking the tires and making sure all the electrics worked, I got ready to ride it over to the dealer to see if I could get it inspected. The inspection was up tomorrow and I was hoping they had time for me so I didn’t have to ride without one.

In NY State, it’s necessary to have your registration card with you so they can tie the inspection to it. I believe this is done to cut down on fraud like rolling back the odometer.  Of course, when I looked for mine for this year, there wasn’t one. I had received the notice from the DMV but in the confusion of the beginning of the year I filed it away without doing anything about. Luckily, the DMV not only allows you to renew online but you can download and immediately print a temporary registration. So off to the dealer.

Bumblebeemer returns to the hive
At the dealer

My mechanic had no problem with the temporary registration and the Bumblebeemer is now inspected and ready for the riding season. Note to self: don’t wait until May 30th to renew your registration.

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