Raspberry Pirate Radio

If you’re a DIY type you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Raspberry Pi, a small but powerful single board computer that can be the basis of a variety of projects requiring computing power. Key to the Pi’s popularity is the easy interfacing to other circuits and peripherals. Take for instance, the Raspberry Pirate Radio. All you do is attach a wire antenna to one of the Pi’s output pins, run some software, and you have an FM transmitter capable of broadcasting on the 88-108 MHz band. There’s no real interface other than the power button, things like shuffle play are set up in config files that you must create beforehand. But given the price and ease of setup, it’s hardly worth quibbling over.

Note: this is capable of transmitting on frequencies reserved for government and public service so stick to the FM broadcast band and don’t interfere with existing stations.

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