Charles John Maszerowski 12/28/1921 – 1/6/2014

I wrote this ahead of time to save myself the pain of having to do so afterwards. Forgive me if it’s somewhat maudlin.

There’s also a gallery of photos at My Dad.

I regret to say that my dad has passed away at age 92. He put up quite a fight but in the end his body just failed him. He is survived by me (Mary Ann), my stepmom Marie and stepsons John (Loretta), Robert (Janet), Richard (Kari) and Tom (Kathy), grandchildren Alanna, Liz, Lisa, Brian, Joann, Erica, Melanie, Robbie, Laura and Matt, and great grandchildren Olivia, Brady and Joey.

He was a WWII veteran and served in the Navy as an Aviation Ordananceman on the CV-7 Wasp and later on the Hornet, both aircraft carriers in the Pacific Theater. After the war he returned to Brooklyn where he met my mother Eleanor Dobociewicz, married and moved to Long Island. He worked almost his entire career with Western Electric Co. of the Bell System as an installer. After my mom died in 1971 he met and married my stepmom. Following retirement they moved to the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania. In 2007 they made the decision to return to Long Island and moved to Middle Island in Suffolk county.

He taught me to be honest, to work hard and not seek praise for the things I have accomplished.

Although I have many pictures of him, this one is my favorite and how I see him in my mind. It was taken at my 8th grade graduation in May of 1971.

OLV 1971
My dad, my mom and me, 8th grade graduation in May of 1971.

This one is my second favorite, it shows him in Coronado, CA in 1945 after returning to the US from the Pacific. In my finest moments, I have never looked this good.

My dad in Coronado, CA in 1945
My dad in Coronado, CA in 1945

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