AOL Smacks Startup for Using CrunchBase Content It Gave Away

In case you hadn’t noticed, this post and everything on my blog (unless otherwise noted) is posted under a Creative Commons license. There are a number of different CC licenses which vary based on what others can do with your stuff and what (if anything) they have to do if they do so. AOL (yes, they still exist) released a database of contact info for the tech industry called CrunchBase under a CC license that only requires you to acknowledge that you’re using the CrunchBase data. There is no charge for the use of that data. A small startup called Pro Populi built an app called People+ and seeded its database with the CrunchBase data. Now AOL has sent Pro Populi a Cease & Desist letter complaining about their use of that data.

Pro Populi and the EFF are prepared to defend their proper use of the CC license and are hoping to settle out of court.

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