Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Don’t believe Coors and Budweiser, colder isn’t better

Don’t believe Coors and Budweiser, colder isn’t better. Amen, brother. Cold reduces both the flavor and your ability to discern that flavor, good beer deserves better.

As noted in the article, most beer is best above 40 degrees (F) and some beers can be enjoyed at 55 degrees. That’s a far cry from the near-freezing temperatures that brewers like Coors recommend for their beers. Style and flavor profile really determine the right temperature, of course. Drinking a Coors Light at 55 F will convince you quickly of that.

Fighting over the unnecessary ice rink at MCC

The unnecessary ice rink at MCC, created by the Republicans with one of their one-step-removed “public authorities” despite there not being any need, has long been behind on its payments to MCC. Now the principals of a company created to buy up the bonds financing the rink (at a discount) are battling each other for control of the company that runs the rink. Winner takes all.

What I love best is the county executive appoints four of the seven seats on the board of the operating company, yet they claim they’re a private corporation not subject to the open meeting laws. It’s a scam and they know it but the Democrats in the county legislature just don’t have enough votes to do anything about it.

Peyton Manning, Colts announce end of 14-year partnership

Payton Manning

The Indianapolis Colts have decided to release quarterback Payton Manning, rather than paying him a $28 million bonus. It’s likely he will sign for another team and finish up his career somewhere other than Indy, which is something he (and a lot of other people) doesn’t really want. Yeah, pro football is a business but some things are just not right.