Thanks to Dougal Campbell’s Easy Gravatars version 1.1 plugin, I now have gravatars. Gravatars are “globally recognized avatars” another name for personal image icons. Sign up with Gravatar (now part of Automattic, the company behind WordPress), upload an icon, and it will appear here and anywhere else that has them enabled.

Gravatar had some scale-up issues in the past, making the image serving slow. But the acquisition by Automattic has greatly expanded their capability and images issues are a thing of the past.

This plugin makes gravatars easy for WordPress blogs and no php templates have to be fiddled with. Just install the plugin, activate it and you’re done!

2 Replies to “Gravatars!”

  1. thanks for linking this, i always wanted gravatars but never understood how to install them!

    but i did have to do an overhaul on my self-made templete, because the comment part that i designed didn’t really work with them. so it wasn’t that easy. lol.

  2. Yeah, I’ve never really gotten into the guts of WordPress (on purpose) so the original solutions weren’t something I wanted to do. The plugin made all the difference. The next step is upgrade to 2.3.1.

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