Should this be the end of GPG?

GPG is a open source implementation of PGP public key cryptography. It’s intended for use for things like signing and encrpyting emails. But it simply hasn’t caught on with most users.

Instead of developing opinionated software with a simple interface, GPG was written to be as powerful and flexible as possible. It’s up to the user whether the underlying cipher is SERPENT or IDEA or TwoFish. The GnuPG man page is over sixteen thousand words long; for comparison, the novel Fahrenheit 451 is only 40k words.

Given the small user base, replacing it with something more usable shouldn’t cause much disruption. But what?

SSL-busting code installed on Lenovo laptops found in a dozen more apps

If you own a Lenovo laptop, it likely contains code that allows secure SSL connections to be monitored, exposing your private data in unencrypted format. Oh, and it installs a piece of malware that injects ads into your browser stream.

If you want to be absolutely sure your machine is clean, Lifehacker has a guide to installing Windows without all the bloatware.

Author Gary Shteyngart watches Russian TV for 7 straight days

Shteyngart, who was born in Russia but came to the US as a child, was the ideal candidate to sit in a hotel room for 7 days watching three screens showing nothing but Russian television. The screens were off when he slept and he was allowed a break each day to swim at a nearby club but otherwise it was three 55″ screens of Russian TV all day long for an entire week.

No spoilers, but let me just say Ukraine does not get fair treatment on Russian news programs.


What ISIS really wants

In case you don’t want to read this long article, the answer is they want to kill everyone they consider an infidel. It’s that simple. Equally important to understand is that it’s not un-Islamic at all, rather it’s fully within the doctrines that all Muslims share. What sets them apart is their single-minded determination to fully carry out those doctrines and to bring about the apocalypse. We need to understand all of this before we can effectively counter them.

Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple

The New Yorker has one of the most in-depth look at Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive that’s been published. Ive designed the original iMac in 1998 and leads the teams that designs every Apple product (which now includes the Apple watch. His influence on Apple’s success is immeasurable and it’s hard to imagine what might happen should he decide to move on.

Would you leave your family behind to be the first human to set foot on Mars?

It’s pretty simple, Mars One intends to put humans on Mars years ahead of NASA. But there’s a gotcha: Their plan doesn’t include bringing any of them back.

If you’re chosen to go to Mars, you’re on a one-way trip. You’ll be famous, but you’ll never have a chance to enjoy the benefits of fame. When you die, it will be far from the planet of your birth. Yet 200,000 folks applied for the 24 positions anyway.