Stephen Colbert on Making The Late Show His Own

With the announcement of David Letterman’s retirement and succession by Stephen Colbert probably the biggest question on viewer’s minds was “which Stephen Colbert?” GQ spends some time with him as he prepares himself and the Ed Sullivan Theater for his version of The Late Show.

I had the pleasure of seeing him live at RSA 2014. He started in character but spent most of the time as himself. He’s way more interesting than you’d think based on what you’ve seen.

The Hurricane Katrina myths that persist, debunked

Of all the Hurricane Katrina myths that you’ve heard, the wrongest one is that it was “a natural disaster”. It wasn’t anything of the sort. It was instead a failure of the Army Corps of Engineers’ design for the levees that were supposed to protect the city. It was the first glimpse of what the future of the United States will look like thanks to widespread neglect of our infrastructure and denial of global warming.

Nano Robots Are The New Health Plan

Like all comics, Dilbert has shown a marked decline in quality over its lifetime. Still, there are the occasional gems. Nano Robots Are The New Health Plan follows Adams’ usual method of exaggerating something to the point it becomes totally relatable but it’s perhaps not as far-fetched as you might think.

Nanotech might still be in its toddler phase but the ability of electronic devices to detect levels of chemicals in our bodies exists today. It’s not hard to imagine such sensors being scaled down to the point where we could have them inserted into us to monitor in realtime. When that happens, what will stop employers from mandating them?

Keep in mind many employers require you to have health insurance now. And those requirements often include mandatory yearly physicals. If these health monitors end up cheap enough they may be cost-effective compared to physicals. Why wouldn’t your company require you to have them? A violation of your personal liberty you say? The response to that is “you have the personal liberty to get a job somewhere else.”

Perhaps they’ll allow you to access some of the data on your phone (or watch). Then you’ll get messages like “Your stress level is elevated, stop drinking coffee” or “Blood pressure above maximum allowable level, 15 minute meditation required to continue”. Think of it as your company-sponsored personal trainer (who rats you out when you don’t follow orders).

Miles Davis “So What” with acoustic guitar

Classic modal jazz by Miles Davis off Kind of Blue. Backing tracks by Band In A Box. My late-30s Epiphone Triumph archtop recorded with an Apex 430 large-diameter condenser mic.

I’ve been working on this for a while trying to work out the issues recording with a mic instead of direct in.

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