GoPro Motorcycling Videos

Yesterday I took a trip on the Bumblebeemer with my new GoPro Hero4 video camera onboard. I clamped it to the leftside mirror bracket so it basically saw what I saw as I rode.

First up, leaving the driveway.


Next is a farm along Rt. 31 that has an old building with a painted on “Famous Potatoes”.


Finally, the downside of taking the road less traveled: Construction.


Let me know if you have trouble viewing any of these. I had to really compress them to get them to upload.

How BlackBerry’s bid to one-up the iPhone failed

Reading through the story about the Storm, Blackberry’s attempt to top the iPhone I am struck by this quote about the iPhone from Mike Lazaridis:

I couldn’t type on it and I still can’t type on it, and a lot of my friends can’t type on it. . . . It’s hard to type on a piece of glass.

It’s both totally correct yet totally misses the point. It is hard to type on glass at first, but it also doesn’t take long for people to adapt. After all, people needed time to learn to type on the tiny keys of the original Blackberrys, it’s just that we’ve forgotten about that.

It might help to recall the classic blunder made by Coca-Cola with New Coke. The “Pepsi Challenge” had shown that people preferred the taste of Pepsi, or so it seemed. But what people liked about the sweeter taste was only for the initial sip. As they drank the rest, that sweetness became cloying and they liked it less than Coke. It’s important to consider how your product is perceived over time and not just initially. First impressions are important, but unless they’re awful people will overcome them if your product offers enough benefits.

RadioShack sold its customer data to pay debt

When RadioShack’s company name was auctioned off for $26.2 million, the company that bought it also got their database of customer information. The FTC is so angry they’ve written to the bankruptcy court asking that the data be protected.

If you’ve ever registered with RadioShack, online or in a store, you’d better hope the FTC gets listened to.

How a Canandaigua kidnapping influenced American politics

Back in 1826, the Masons had members throughout the American political system. But when a prominent critic was abducted outside of the Canandaigua jail in 1826, their influence would be called into question. Outrage over the incident would lead to the formation of the Anti-Masonic party, cement a serious distrust of government and introduce the nominating convention for presidential candidates.

The Anti-Masons didn’t last as a political party but many of them ended up in the Whigs, who would eventually form the nucleus of the Republican party.

The Surprising Difficulties Of Being A Woman With Cancer In 1970

My mom smoked from the age of 12 until her mid-40s and developed terminal lung cancer. She was like a lot of women in the early 1970s who started smoking around WWII and suffered the consequences.

In the most recent ‘Mad Men’ episode one of the major female characters, Betty Draper, was diagnosed but her doctor wouldn’t tell her until her husband came to the office. It wasn’t unusual treatment. Doctors routinely wouldn’t tell women or cancer patients but would tell their husbands or family. Treatments options were limited and often nothing at all was done if the patient wasn’t experiencing much in the way of symptoms. Life expectancy was poor and many, like my mom, only received palliative care towards the end of their lives.

Timelapse of the 390 Interchange

I have an app and cable for taking timelapse sequences from TriggerTrap. I tried it out today on the 390 interchange in Brighton near my house operating my Canon EOS 30D SLR. It’s only 4 seconds long and consists of 140 images shot 5 seconds apart.